Things To Do Outdoors In Brooklyn

Spring has fully sprung, and summer is making its grand entrance. Making the most of our time outdoors is certainly a top priority. City life here in Brooklyn is not without its natural beauty. It's not all subway trains and skyscrapers around here. Brooklyn is brimming with sights and sounds for visitors and residents alike, but you can't overlook all the fun there is to be had just off the main road. Outdoor activities in Brooklyn abound, so here are a few ideas for how to make the most of them.
June 10, 2019

Explore the Great Outdoors!

The first place to look is always right outside your own door! For those days you simply don’t want to go anywhere, just head to the roof of your 363 Bond Street apartment. Relax poolside on the rooftop pool and sundeck, or go for a dip while enjoying the breath-taking view. If you’re looking for someplace a little drier, Green by 363 is a rooftop green space exclusive to residents and comes ready for you and your book, or for your next gathering. Barbecue in a private cabana, or simply use this unique setting to unwind.

Venture a little over 2 miles from your apartment to Brooklyn Bridge Park for world-class access to lush gardens, amazing city views, waterfront promenades and more. It seems this particular park has more to offer each year as it continues to evolve. The park spans 85 acres and is divided into 11 sections: Piers 1 through 6; Fulton Ferry Landing; Brooklyn Bridge Plaza; Empire Fulton Ferry; Main Street; and John Street. Choose your preference based on what you’re looking to do that day. For example, Pier 1 is a great place for a leisurely stroll or beautiful panoramic views of lower Manhattan. Pier 2 features places to play handball, basketball, ping pong, use fitness equipment, have a picnic lunch, and so much more. Pier 4 has a beach for swimming or kayak launching. The possibilities are almost endless!

Looking for more outdoor activities in Brooklyn from which to choose your next adventure? If you’re into baseball, skating, birdwatching, water play, or places to spend weekends or holidays with the family, look no further than Prospect Park. Sitting just a little over a mile away from your 363 Bond Street apartment, Prospect Park really does have something for everyone. Check out the programs and classes available for all ages or just bring your walking shoes for a stroll or a run. Want to see more of the scenery in an afternoon’s time? Bring your bicycle! During the spring and summer months, be on the lookout for the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival, where you can enjoy live music and other entertainment.

There’s plenty to do around here, without having to look (or travel) very far! Whether you’re looking to travel 2 miles down the road, or would rather just take a short elevator ride up to your own rooftop, it’s easy to find excellent outdoor activities in Brooklyn!