NYC Apartments with A Green Roof Common Area

If you're into sunsets, dazzling views of the NYC skyline, a blanket of stars, fresh air, park-like settings, alone time, or time with friends, then it's clear you need an apartment with a rooftop lawn. Here in the city, there are beautiful gardens and parks, and plenty of delightful places to enjoy good company, but nothing compares to a green roof in NYC. Plus making time to get to all the green spaces in the city is an entirely different story. Taking time for yourself to enjoy time outdoors can be difficult if you have to cram time into your schedule. With travel time, it can become a whole-day affair. It's common knowledge that green space and NYC apartment living don't usually come hand-in-hand, but here at 363 Bond Street, we take luxury to a new level with Green by 363.
August 25, 2020

Relax, Take a Load Off

Love city life, but also love the feeling of grass beneath your feet? Simply come up to lay in the grass and feel the breeze on your face. Get up early, go to the gym, or do some rooftop yoga by yourself before a hectic day, get lost in your favorite book, or simply watch the sunset to wind down once you get home. Not having to schedule travel time to get some peace of mind is a luxury in itself. During the warmer months, you’ll love the opportunities Green by 363 has to offer.


Private Barbecue Cabanas

Quiet time is always a plus, but so is the chance to gather with friends for a picnic or barbecue. This is also something not easy to get in an NYC apartment community. Our rooftop amenity at 363 Bond Street features private barbecue cabanas so you can grill up your favorite foods and enjoy the company of great friends. The view can’t be beaten, and the seating and lounge areas are comfortable and spacious. Come up for a quick breather before your next task, or spend the afternoon.


Great for Business or Pleasure

Sometimes stuffy conference rooms just don’t provide the right vibe, but the green rooftop common area offers you a way to host meetings in a much more inspiring setting. Whether your meeting calls for someplace formal, casual, or something in between, this rooftop green space is the perfect way to impress colleagues and clients while also making them comfortable.

A relaxing, park-like setting in a convenient roof-top location is the perfect place to relax alone, gather with friends, or do business. If you like the idea of having access to a park without having to really leave the comfort of your apartment, contact us today to check out Green by 363 and to schedule a tour!