Work from Home Essentials

At this stage in the game, for those who had to make the change from traditional office jobs to setting up shop at home, routines have been established and many of you may have even started to forget what it was like working in an office. That being said, there isn’t necessarily a definitive end to this way of life; even when the severity of this ongoing pandemic eventually dials back, plenty of businesses are starting to realize the benefits of having an entirely remote workforce, so this lifestyle could very well become permanent for you. That being said, if you’ve still been winging it, we think it’s about time you invest in some work-from-home essentials that will make things much easier on you.
December 26, 2020

Standing Desk

The style you get depends on your personal taste, but a standing desk is a great way to avoid full days that involve almost no time on your feet. Let’s face it: Even for those of you with sit-down jobs, there was at least the movement involved with stopping by other departments, going to meetings, walking to the break room, and even visiting the restroom. When you work from home, it’s easy to become much more sedentary. Opting to stand up for all (or most) of the day lets your blood flow better, improving circulation. Plus, it’ll help you enjoy the view from your massive floor-to-ceiling windows.


Air Monitors

In the midst of a pandemic, most of us are much more conscious about the air around us. This handy little monitor ensures that there’s nothing you’re breathing in that could be harmful to your health. Monitor things such as temperature, humidity, CO2, VOCs, and more, all from your smartphone.


Wireless Headphones

We’re all taking a lot more calls nowadays; it’s really the only efficient way to keep in touch with coworkers. Take advantage of being home, rather than in a conference room, and invest in a good pair of wireless headphones or earbuds so you can take those calls while pacing around your spacious apartment. (With all this square footage, why stay tucked away in one small corner of it all day?) There’s no need to be chained to your chair anymore. Plus, the right pair can help filter out any background noise and benefit your gym workouts.


Charging Station

You’re getting a whole lot more use out of your personal devices today, which means you’re spending a whole lot more time charging them. Don’t just haphazardly plug them in anywhere, with a slew of unsightly cords cluttering up your place. You’re living in a stunning, design-forward apartment; go the extra mile and invest in a chic charging-station setup that embraces both form and function.

With the right work-from-home essentials, you’ll be both comfortable and efficient. And if you’re one that has been enjoying this new way of working, why not invest a little in your setup?