Moving During or After Covid-19

When it comes to big decisions such as this, it's often difficult to get much past the "thinking about moving" stage and onto the "actively moving" stage, especially considering all the uncertainly that surrounds us every day. Let's face it: Covid-19 has pretty much put a stop on all things normal.
August 5, 2020

Easy Moving Checklist

How does one even move during and after a pandemic? The answers certainly aren’t clear, but one thing is certain: a move isn’t always something that can wait. We’ve put together some moving checklists to help you stop spinning your wheels and start moving forward.


Things To Do 4-8 Weeks Before Moving

If you have the luxury of this kind of planning time, there are a few things you can do to help organize yourself.

  1. Create a realistic budget. This will help you to understand your options. Can you afford to hire movers, or might it be best to save in that area and recruit some friends? Keep in mind that budget also means time, not just money. What kind of time can you carve out each day to contribute to the move? Knowing your budget is essential to helping you plan the coming weeks.
  2. Figure out if you want to hire a moving company and do the appropriate research. Are they open? What are their COVID-related health and safety regulations? What are they doing to ensure the safety of your stuff? Is there rate or regulation updates that haven’t made it to the website? If you are planning on a DIY move, do similar research with moving truck companies.
  3. Decide what goes and what stays. Sorting through your things can be as therapeutic as it is spatially necessary. Make some piles of things you want to donate, sell, recycle, and throw away. Doing this early on can also help you see what you DO have, so you can get a head start on packing. You certainly wouldn’t pack up kitchenware this early, but will you really be using those knick-knacks before the move? What about those big bulky sweaters? Probably not.
  4. If you’re moving into an apartment, find out what the moving day requirements are and what you need to do/have to fulfill them. This is particularly true during the pandemic, as many communities are tightening restrictions due to social distancing, masks, common areas, and even money transfer.
  5. If you’re moving out of town, this would be a good time to think about transferring school transcripts for the kids, as well as everyone’s medical and dental records. Your family, as well as your pets, should have these kinds of things established in advance.
  6. Update your voter registration
  7. Locate all-important identification, such as birth certificates and passports, so you can be sure to carry them with you in case some boxes get misplaced or damaged during the move.

Things To Do 2-4 Weeks Before The Move

  1. Throw a party! Invite your closest friends over for the last hurrah, so that you can help alleviate some stress, get rid of some food in the fridge, and even recruit a few helping hands to help you pack up a few boxes! This is also a great time to return anything you’ve borrowed from friends, such as books, clothes, and tools.
  2. Take pictures of electronics before you unplug everything. That way, you’ll have a better idea of how to put it all back together in the new place
  3. Schedule installation appointments for cable and Internet
  4. Confirm important details with any professionals or services you’re hiring
  5. Plan and portion meals, so you don’t have to wait until the last minute to start packing up all the pots and pans in your kitchen.

The Week of The Big Move

  1. Cancel or redirect scheduled deliveries, and be sure to change your address with any applicable services you currently pay for
  2. Clean your home for the next resident
  3. Pack an essentials box so that you and the family have everything you need for the first 24 hours in the new place.
  4. Finish up any last-minute packing and cleaning.
  5. Double-check with landlords or other community authorities about current COVID-related guidelines. Things change, sometimes daily in this climate, so you want to absolutely be sure that you are in compliance on both ends of your move so that your move isn’t delayed.

As you prepare for your move, consider the above moving checklists to help you organize your thoughts as well as the moving process itself. Moving is stressful enough as it is, without the added concern of health and safety procedures. Whether you’re still in the thinking stage, or if you have a moving date set and have already put down a deposit or down payment, remember to stay safe. If you’re considering a Brooklyn luxury apartment for your next home, contact us today to schedule a tour!