Top 4 Luxurious Home Tech Gadgets for your Apartment

By 363 Bond Street
February 12, 2021

Technology is quickly coming to power all areas of our life: from at-home work to connecting with friends despite the social distance to healthcare, shopping, dining, entertaining, and everything in between. Now that you’re enjoying the luxurious lifestyle of 363 Bond Street, why not also invest in technology that is just as convenient and comfortable?

Since your home is outfitted to provide a touch of luxury at every turn, it’s easy to get accustomed to such treatment—and in today’s high-tech age, your tech can help support that lifestyle. There are plenty of luxurious home tech gadgets for 363 Bond Street apartment residents to help you accomplish daily tasks, make it through the workday with a little extra motivation, and even enjoy top-notch entertainment. Here are a few of the standout products:

The Frame Samsung TV

With wide plank hardwood flooring and expansive windows, 363 Bond Street apartments already project an air of sophistication, so complete that feel with your own high-tech TV. Samsung’s The Frame offers a 4K resolution—perfect for relaxing in front of after a long day at work—and, when it’s not in use, it transforms to resemble modern artwork. Powered by motion sensors and able to be programmed to fit your décor, The Frame is the perfect touch for your luxurious living space.

iRobot Roomba s9

Some of the best luxurious home tech gadgets for 363 Bond Street apartment residents are those that make unwelcomed household chores a little easier. Enter the iRobot Roomba s9, which takes automatic sweeping and vacuuming to the next level. It features a three-stage cleaning system, 40 times the suction of other robotic vacuums on the market, and uses leading-edge technology to map and remember all the corners of your apartment. It even docks and empties itself automatically—so cleaning your floors yourself is a thing of the past!

Ember Smart Mug

If you’re one of the many people working at home these days, you may have gotten used to the luxurious surroundings at home throughout your day, making your coffee on the quartz countertop each morning while cooking your breakfast with the BOSCH stainless steel appliances. To complete the picture, invest in an Ember Smart Mug, which can keep your cup of joe warm for hours, allowing you to sip and stay caffeinated throughout the day.

Kodak Luma Pocket Projector

Another of the luxurious home tech gadgets for 363 Bond Street apartment residents that can help you embrace rest and relaxation includes the Kodak Luma Project Projector. The pocket-sized projector allows you to transform any room into a home movie theater, so you can kick back in bed, on your living room couch, or anywhere in between, and enjoy cinema-quality picture and sound.

If you’re looking to upgrade yourself this year, contact 363 Bond Street to inquire about our availability!