Top 10 Reasons To Live In Brooklyn

The borough of Brooklyn is so large it would be around the 4th largest city in the US if it stood alone. With so much to do and see, it's clear why so many people love to call Brooklyn home. There are tons of reasons that everyone should try living in this gorgeous area, but we've cultivated our favorites: here are our top 10 reasons to live in Brooklyn, NY!

February 26, 2019

1. The city away from Manhattan

You can get everything that Manhattan does — from amazing food and culture to events, fairs, and festivals, and even great career opportunities. Brooklyn offers all these and more. Most people think these only be found in the city, but we know better.

2. You’re still by the beach

Brooklyn and Queens are the only two boroughs with proper beaches. Coney Island is famous the world around, and it’s made a significant comeback in recent years. You can visit the amusement park right on the beach in one of the best cities on earth, which is more than most people could ever ask for.

3. We’ve got grass and cars

Brooklyn is remarkably suburban in lots of areas for being considered city living, meaning plant life and greenery. Some buildings even have roof top greenery to enjoy. And not everything here consists of pricey walk-up apartments — meaning you can also keep your car, as lots of places offer driveways and garages! For many people, personal transportation is important. You won’t have to give up that luxury by living in the concrete jungle that is Manhattan. Here in Brooklyn, you can have the best of both worlds.

4. A neighborhood with street art

Artists from all over the world have come to leave their mark on Brooklyn. Grafitti is quite the thing here. All it takes is a walk around the streets of Bushwick and you’ll feel like you’re in an outdoor art museum. Much of the Brooklyn artwork you’ll see is commissioned and legal, meaning it can’t exactly be qualified as graffiti, but it also means it won’t be taken down by area authorities. The neighborhood can stay colorful as long as there are people there to decorate it.

5. A dynamic population

With 2.5 million inhabitants, diversity is king here. People from everywhere on the planet come to reside in Brooklyn, bringing with them their culture. You can find all sorts of food and festivals in Brooklyn, celebrating different countries, cultures, and all walks of life.

6. Welcome pet lovers

All of New York is fairly pet-friendly, but Brooklyn offers more cat- and dog- friendly real estate. You can also find many more parks and recreational facilities for your furry friend. Many people here have formed life-long bonds with other dog lovers they meet at dog parks. Who knows, your true love could be here waiting for you and your pup!

7. Incredible attractions

Prospect Park, Prospect Park Zoo, New York Aquarium, Brooklyn Botanical Garden… the list goes on! You’ll never run out of things to do when you live here. Brooklyn Museum is the second largest museum in all of New York City, so it packs a huge cultural and educational punch for museum-goers.

8. A neighborhood for everyone

As a growing population, Brooklyn boasts neighborhoods that bring cultures, ethnicities, and religions together. You can find a place where you feel at home no matter where you come from. Anyone can find link-minded people in Brooklyn, meaning you can build a community around what matters most to you. The neighborhoods hold true to their identities, inviting you to do the same.

9. Local beer, wine, and spirits

When Brooklyn residents aren’t showing off world-class sports teams or incredible culture, they’re drinking and distilling locally brewed drinks that are enjoyed around the country and the world. There’s a drink here for everyone, all you have to do is go down to your local bar to find a locally made drink that hits the spot.

10. Brooklyn is an exciting place to be

As the city grows and grows, anyone can find their niche and create an inspired life for themselves in Brooklyn. It’s an incredible hot spot for things everyone wants, from wonderful places to live, community, culture, and more. You can create your home the way you want it as you watch your friends and neighbors do the same.

Though there are many, many more reasons it is a fantastic place to work and live, these are our top 10 reasons to live in Brooklyn, NY. But don’t let us do all the talking, come see for yourself why our 363 Bond Street Apartments are situated in one of the best places on earth. Our luxury homes offer all the comfort you could imagine in such a rich area.

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