The Art at 363 Bond Street Apartments

Art is very important to us. We feel that by incorporating unique pieces of art at 363 Bond Street Apartments, we have created a different kind of welcoming, homey vibe. It also sets us apart from other more drab apartment buildings, adding a spark of personality that helps make all the difference. We believe that life is a work of art and, as such, your home should embody that.
March 4, 2020

Taking Inspiration from Gowanus Neighborhood

Art is also a big part of the Gowanus neighborhood, so we feel that we’d be remiss in neglecting to bring that very important part of the community into our building. Because of this, from the very moment you walk through our front door, you get the distinct feeling you’re actually entering an avant-garde art gallery, as our walls are decorated with a well-curated collection from the likes of local artists such as Phillip Ashley, John Dante Bianchi, and Ai Campbell. These works of art were specifically commissioned for 363 Bond Street and add a modern touch to our industrial-chic lobby decor.


Roof Top Mural

Head up to the roof and you’ll see the vibrant, eye-catching Brooklyn Crush mural by Tristan Eaton; it stretches across one poolside wall, as well as wrapping around the former water tower above. It’s the perfect homage to the vibrancy of the surrounding city and an excellent complement to the skyline views you can enjoy while swimming in the rooftop pool. The integration of art, urban sprawl, and nature make for a truly special experience, adding to the reason 363 Bond Street should be your next home.

We want life here to be both inviting and exciting, and the art at 363 Bond Street Apartments definitely plays a huge part in that. It’s just one of the many amenities we offer here at our luxury building, and we hope we can schedule a tour with you and show you just why it’s such a special place to call home.