Luxurious Kitchen Technology for Apartment Residents

The right luxurious kitchen accessories for apartment residents can help take your home to the next level. Whether you just want to make things easy for yourself after a long day of work, or you really want to a hand the next time you’re hosting, these five will change your life.
December 10, 2020

R180 Toaster

You may be thinking: There’s no way to improve upon the common toaster. You pop your bread in, push the lever, and a minute or two later out comes your toasted bread. But you’d be wrong. This handy little contraption lets you go from an amateur to a toastmaster. Its smart interface lets you choose the type of bread, whether it’s frozen, and your desired level of doneness. Then, faster than a traditional toaster, it delivers your perfectly toasted product, error-free.


Cosori Premium Air Fryer

Air fryers are so common today, they’ve practically become kitchen essentials the way toasters and microwaves have. This one is the mother of all air fryers. It has as much as a 5.8-quart capacity, meaning you can prep plenty for the whole family, and its pre-programmed settings make cooking any dinner staple so much easier.



If you’ve ever wanted to give sous-vide cooking a shot, but are intimidated by the process, this device is for you. Plugged into your smartphone, Mellow does all the heavy lifting for you. Just put your food into vacuum-sealed bags (or even just a resealable plastic bag), drop it into the water, and plug in what you’re cooking using the accompanying app. Mellow does the rest. You can even leave your ingredients in the water all day and the device will keep the meat cold until it’s ready to cook. What more could you ask for than coming home from work to a fully cooked, ready-to-eat meal.


Patron Smart Coaster

Intimidated by making cocktails? (Or maybe you just hate the tedium of measuring out each ingredient.) This smart coaster — yes, really — takes care of the measurements for you. As you pour each ingredient, the next-level coaster lets you know when it’s time to let up.



If the smart coaster is still not making cocktail hour easy enough for you, kick it up a notch. This contraption is the equivalent of having a bartender on staff. All you have to do is pre-fill the canisters with your favorite liquors and then pop in a capsule for your drink of choice. It works much like a Keurig … but the beverages this one produces have a different kick. You can even determine how strong you want your drink to be.