Tips on Planning A Party in Your Apartment Building

When it comes to apartment party planning, communal living doesn't mean you're bound by the four walls you call your own when you want to host a soiree. In fact, living in an apartment community means you have access to shared common areas that you can take over for your own festivities - assuming you have the OK from management. Common areas often provide a lot more room than your apartment and sometimes even feature fun extras like games. At 363 Bond Street Apartments, Social by 363 offers a chic, expansive area to accommodate larger gatherings and features a billiards table, shuffleboard table, and fireplace. You'll also enjoy our full bar, as will your guests!
April 28, 2020

Throwing a party at your apartment community isn’t only convenient for you, it offers your guests the opportunity to see where you live your life. It also makes the planning and execution a little bit easier than hosting at an off-site venue. Here are some tips for apartment party planning to get your next shindig underway.


Start with the basics.

First things first – check with management to reserve the common space for your preferred date. Fill out whatever forms you might need to in order to hold a gathering as well. After that, nail down the guest list, send some invites, and get to the exciting parts of party planning!


Consider decor.

You’ll want to keep decor simple when it comes to planning an event in the common space at your apartment community. Don’t worry about tacking things up on the walls or ceiling. Think classy and simple. Some flower arrangements and cocktail napkins can go a long way.


Think about set up.

The last thing you want to do on the day of your event is to be rushing around trying to get set up when you should be getting ready to have a great time. Set up what you can well before the start of the party or enlist some help to get things ready. Depending on the relationship you have with the property, maybe you can even sweet talk some staff into lending a helping hand.


Snackable eats.

Hosting a party in a common space usually means people will be standing and mingling instead of finding a spot and staying put all evening. Provide portable, snackable foods that people can easily munch on while they’re making their rounds. No one wants to deal with something that takes two hands to eat if they don’t plan on sitting down for a full meal. And, snackable foods make for easier clean up!


Clear ending.

Make sure everyone is aware of a clear end time. That doesn’t mean a few of you can’t continue the party at your apartment, but it’s likely that your property has rules on appropriate times for noise.

And, of course, have fun! Apartment party planning is just the start of a memorable adventure and getting stressed from the beginning taints the whole event. Make a plan, get your community involved, and have a great time.