Important Apartment Safety Features

Whether you’re new to the city or just looking for a change of scenery, there are quite a few factors to consider when looking for a new place to call home. One that tends to rank high on people’s list — particularly among the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest cities in the country — is security. People want to feel safe when they come home at the end of the day. To that, we invite you to check out our available 363 Bond Street apartments, where you’ll find all the most important safety features in this Brooklyn apartment building.
August 6, 2019

24-hour attended lobby

Not only is the industrial-chic lobby an exciting work of art that makes a bold statement at first glance, but you’ll rest easy knowing that it’s attended 24 hours a day, so you can push aside the fear that just anyone can come and go into the building at leisure.


Parking in the garage

Street parking in the city, particularly late at night, can be a nightmare simply for logistical reasons, in that it can be near impossible to find a viable spot. Add to that the trepidation many have with walking home alone too late into the evening, and it’s even worse. But if you do have a car, finding parking and getting home safely is made infinitely easier thanks to the on-site parking garage.


Bike storage

If you opt for two wheels rather than four, don’t worry about having to find a secure place to chain your bike up overnight. (Or, worse, having to finagle a way to tuck it away in your apartment so it’s as out of the way as possible.) At 363 Bond, you can take advantage of the bicycle storage offered, so you can keep your bike stored safely without cluttering up your home.


On-site fitness center

Getting to the gym on a regular basis can be difficult. Schedules have a way of filling up fast without us even realizing it. So gym visits often get relegated to any of the off hours we can manage to squeeze them into. But not everyone feels comfortable trekking out to the gym in the wee hours of the night, when the streets are virtually desolate. Thankfully, you won’t even have to leave the building to get your fitness on. Just pop into the on-property fitness center, Gym by 363 complete with state-the-art equipment including a yoga studio. Or take advantage of our Brooklyn rooftop pool, perfect for swimming laps, and you’ll never have to skip leg day again.

There are plenty more reasons for you to make the decision to call 363 Bond Street home including our array of luxury amenities. We hope that our mission to maintain all of these important safety features in our Brooklyn apartments will help you consider a future here. Give us a call to make our Gowanus Brooklyn apartments your new home today!