Child-Friendly Apartment Amenities

Remote work, social distancing, and health concerns have kept many Americans at home in recent months—but it’s not just adults who have been impacted. With virtual and hybrid schools now a reality for many American kids, parents are juggling work, home-schooling, and entertaining their kids, all at home, a tall order for any parent! That’s why many are looking for child-friendly apartment amenities, like those offered at 363 Bond Street.
February 5, 2021

From tech options that support virtual schooling to safe and engaging at-home entertainment, child-friendly apartment amenities are becoming vital for parents looking for a home designed for their entire family. Here are just a few of the amenities at 363 Bond Street that can make the challenges of raising kids today a little bit easier:


On school breaks, lunch hours, and after the school day ends, kids need a place to burn off some steam and simply be kids! At 363 Bond Street, they can do that in the Children’s Play Room, covered in artwork and stocked with toys, games, books, and play equipment. Perfect for toddlers to pre-teens, space gives youngsters a place of their own to explore their creativity and imagination, as well as to learn and safely socialize.

Rooftop pool

Kids will agree that nothing feels better on a hot summer day than a splash in a pool—and at 363 Bond Street, you don’t have to leave home for a day at the pool. Brooklyn Crush is the community’s rooftop pool that offers residents a private space to soak up some sun, cool off, and take in stunning views of the New York City skyline.

Tech room

While many child-friendly apartment amenities are focused on fun and play, at-home schooling also means that kids need to take time to buckle down on their studies. At 363 Bond Street, they can do that in the tech room, which provides state-of-the-art technology equipment for all of their virtual schooling needs. Just as remote employees know that a change of scenery is sometimes needed to feel your most productive, kids too may be more motivated to concentrate on their studies with a school day in the tech room.

Bike storage

Fresh air can work wonders for helping keep kids focused and energized. A quick bike ride around the neighborhood with friends on a break or after school is made simpler with 363 Bond Street’s on-site bicycle storage, where kids can safely secure their bikes and get right back to work.

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