5 Baking Equipment Essentials for Apartments

If there’s one thing we’ve all had to learn over the last year, it’s finding the silver lining in life despite the hurdles thrown our way. With stay-at-home orders in place for most of the year, so many people discovered new hobbies, and it seems that baking became a big focus. For those who want to keep up with this new pastime — beyond the no-tools-needed banana bread — make sure some of this baking equipment for apartments makes its way into your kitchen.
January 19, 2021

Stand Mixer

The centerpiece of any baker’s — professional or amateur — arsenal of tools, the stand mixer just makes everything easier. Use it to whip up light and fluffy meringues without testing the limits of your arm muscles or knead bread dough without working up a sweat. While the mixer takes on the heavy lifting, you’re free to clean up and prepare for the next steps of your recipe du jour.


Digital Scale

Baking is a science. Unlike cooking, the slightest misstep can ruin an entire recipe, which makes the digital scale another essential tool for bakers. Measuring dry ingredients, like flour, by volume can yield vastly different results. (Is the flour packed down, sifted, or spooned into your measuring cup? Each will yield a different amount.) The one constant: weight.



While it’s perfectly acceptable to use dried spices in your everyday baking, sometimes you just want that extra spark of freshness that comes with, well, fresh spices. A Microplane is a super fine grater that is ideal for working with fresh ingredients like nutmeg or star anise. Additionally, for your more savory bakes, it’s perfect when using hard cheeses like asiago and parmesan.


Candy Thermometer

Working with sugar can be a delicate process, especially when it comes to things likes tempered chocolate or homemade caramel. Temperature control is absolutely imperative. Candy thermometers conveniently latch onto the side of your pot so you’re always in the know.


Silicone Baking Mats

Cut down on waste and preserve your baking pans with these heat-resistant, reusable mats. These take the place of single-use parchment paper and help eliminate panic-inducing cases of stuck bakes. Look for the mats with measurements on them; they come in handy when tackling trickier projects like pie crusts or macarons.

What other baking equipment for apartments is on your must-have list? If you’re looking for a new place to try out your latest recipe in style, contact 363 Bond Street today to learn more about our apartment community in NYC.