Throwing “Crappy” Dinner Parties at Luxury Brooklyn Apartments

The holiday season is the perfect time for getting everyone together at luxury Brooklyn apartments. But the stress of planning a spectacular dinner party can take away from actually enjoying the event. The holidays are stressful enough without adding another thing to worry about to your list. That’s why, this year, you should throw a “crappy” dinner party. What exactly is that you ask? It’s a gathering that absolves you of all the prep work and stress. Throwing a crappy dinner party comes with a set of rules:
December 12, 2017
  1. Don’t clean a thing. We all know the feeling: Your guests are about to arrive, and you’ve been doing housework like a mad person trying to make sure that no one will judge the cleanliness of your home. Let it go! Everyone has a mess they’d like to avoid friends and family seeing – so there’s no judgement! All the time you spend prepping your home for company, while appreciated, isn’t really needed – especially among close friends.
  2. Simple menu. Throwing a dinner party gives you the opportunity to try new and exciting recipes. But what if you just stuck to what you know? Try hosting a comfort food party instead and ask guests to bring one dish that makes them feel like they’re at home. You won’t have to make a special trip to the store and you’ll get to enjoy others’ traditions.
  3. No special outfit. Can you usually be found at your luxury Brooklyn apartment in sweats? Then wear that to your crappy dinner party. Also, invite your guests to wear their comfiest clothes, too. Getting all dressed up can be fun, but when you’re trying to be low-key – actually be low-key.
  4. No gifts. Make sure your guests know not to bring any gifts for you! Simple and sweet should be the theme of your crappy dinner party and guests don’t need to stress over what to bring the hostess.

Other ways to make your crappy dinner party memorable but low-key are to serve everything family style and wait to start the cleanup. Treat your dinner party like a true family meal – share, converse, and let the mess linger because the memories made around a great dinner are priceless