Winter Activities in Brooklyn

Now that Old Man Winter has moved into Brooklyn, you may be temped to hibernate inside your 363 Bond Street apartment until the birds start chirping again this spring. However, winter activities in Brooklyn abound, so throw off that comforter, grab your hat and get out and about to see all that the neighborhood has to offer this time of year.
January 20, 2022

When winter visits Brooklyn, you may be tempted to stay inside your 363 Bond Street apartment until the birds start chirping again this spring. As tempting as that sounds, you would be doing yourself a disservice since there are lots of great winter activities in Brooklyn that can be enjoyed indoors! 

It’s time to throw off that comforter, grab your hat, and head out the door to enjoy these indoor activities during winter! 

Something For The Kids 

Just a 15-minute walk from your doorstep, Gymboree Play & Music in Park Slope is an ideal indoor activities resource for parents of infants, babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. 

Perfect for children 0–5 years old, this fun, safe, soft-play indoor gym incorporates innovative equipment and accessories that stimulate development and learning skills as the children play. In addition to the playtime aspect, Gymboree also offers an array of classes designed by child development experts that help children learn cognitive, physical and social skills, along with a love of art and music. 

Best of all, children and parents can enjoy many of the activities taught in these classes when they return home! 

Educational & Entertaining  

Looking for something to stimulate your brain during dull winter days? Plan a visit to the New York Transit Museum

Located underground in downtown Brooklyn, the museum uses a genuine 1930’s subway station and vintage subway cars to tell the history of the city’s iconic and influential transit system. 

In addition to allowing you the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of an authentic NYC bus or learn how a subway car operates, the NY Transit Museum also hosts exhibits and displays that offer insight into the cultural, social and technological impacts of this legendary mass transit system while offering a glimpse into the future of the city’s public transportation system. 

Fun For All  

Searching for a place that offers a variety of fun and entertaining activities for kids and/or adults during the winter? Shipwrecked Brooklyn has exactly what you need! 

This amazing entertainment venue boasts an amazing selection of arcade games, multiple escape room scenarios, and a very unique mini golf course. Originally located at an outdoor venue in Maryland, Shipwrecked’s Brooklyn’s mini golf course is completely reclaimed and recycled. If that wasn’t cool enough, the course was upgraded to include theatrical scenery, lights, and sound to make the experience even more enjoyable!

Available for kids and adult private parties, Shipwrecked Brooklyn also has rental opportunities for corporate events, team-building exercises, and company meetings. 

Just because the weather may have turned colder, the opportunities for indoor activities that you can enjoy during winter don’t end! And when you live at 363 Bond Street apartments, you’ll be able to enjoy these and other fun local activities now and throughout the entire year. 

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