Where to Peep the Best Leaves Just Outside the City

Your apartment rental near Park Slope puts you in a convenient spot to get out of town and peep the stunning fall leaves of the Northeast. Just a quick trip from home will put you smack in the middle of prime leaf-peeping country where you can explore some of the most incredible views in the country. Whether you opt to go via car or train, you have several options both north and west to catch some of the fall’s most beautiful views and the best part is you don’t have to take PTO to do so!
October 19, 2018

Where to Peep the Best Leaves Just Outside the City

The Finger Lakes

New York’s Finger Lakes are home to some of the most gorgeous fall foliage in the country and all the great wine doesn’t hurt! While this trip is the farthest from your apartment rental near Park Slope, it’s well worth the drive. The best route to take to maximize leaf-peeping is along Route 20 west from Albany into the Finger Lakes region. Not only do have countless wineries to explore while you’re there, you’ll also have access to bushels and bushels of fresh-picked apples! New York is the second-largest producers of apples in the country and they do it well. From cider to pies and everything in between – you can eat and drink your way through the state all while taking in the lush landscape.

The Poconos

If you’re looking for a destination that’s just a bit closer to home, Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains will do the trick. With more than 100 varieties of trees dotting the landscape, this fall favorite is just about two hours away from New York City. Simply take Route 507 around Lake Wallenpaupack for a lovely drive or get your kicks with one of the many outdoor adventure options in the area. You can kayak or canoe along a variety of lakes and even zip line through the trees to get the most up-close view of the fall foliage.

Hudson Valley

For those without a vehicle or access to one, finding a place outside the city to leaf-peep might seem challenging. However, an easy Metro North ride away from your apartment rental near Park Slope puts you in the Hudson Valley among a host of fall foliage. The Hudson Line will take you all the way to Poughkeepsie where you’ll find some excellent views of autumn-colored mountains and more. In Poughkeepsie, you can take advantage of the Walkway Over the Hudson and get some great shots of the beauty around you.

Living in Brooklyn offers even more than you imagined and fall is the perfect time to explore!