Tips for a Healthy Home

While your apartment rental in Gowanus may be located in one of the hottest neighborhoods in the Northeast, you still have to take care to ensure it’s a healthy place for you to reside. A happy, healthy home is more than a great location, phenomenal amenities, and unique architecture. The steps you take inside your apartment are crucial to both the health of your home and your body. Your home can impact both your physical and mental health, so focusing on keeping a comforting space is key. Here are some tips for ensuring your home stays healthy.
September 13, 2018

Tips for a Healthy Home


Plants aren’t necessarily for everyone, but they have limitless benefits for your home and well-being. Having plants at your apartment rental in Gowanus can provide a sense of calm and breathe life into an otherwise stagnant space. Plants also improve the quality of the air! If you don’t exactly have a green thumb, there are many varieties that do well with little care. From succulents to air plants, spider plants, and more, there’s truly something for everyone.


Obviously, a clean home is a happy home. But going a little further than your typical tidying up session can make a big difference. First, focus on what you’re cleaning your home with. Are you using lots of chemical-based cleaners? If so, you may want to evaluate your supply and cull what is harmful to both you and the environment. Today, there are lots of great products on the market, at reasonable prices, that are made without harsh chemicals. You can also make your own cleaners with simple ingredients and essential oils. Second, work on clearing out clutter. Having a lot of stuff around not only makes your home less convenient, it clutters up your mind. Make a note to go through cupboards, pantries, closets, and dressers at least once a year to clear out what you don’t use.


Lastly, consciously add things to your apartment rental in Gowanus that will serve your health. Whether you’re into yoga or you’re a fan of soft lighting, focus on things that make you feel good and incorporate those into your home. Try sectioning out a dedicated yoga space for your practice. Add an essential oils diffuser to your work area. String up some lights and just use those instead of overheads. Anything that serves your soul will work!