Throwback Decorating For Your Luxury Brooklyn Apartment

Some home décor trends never go out of style, but then there are some that come and go. Throwback decorating luxury rentals in Gowanus can provide a deep sense of culture and timeliness to any space. There are some trends that are back with a vengeance in today’s interior design world and you can add these elements to your space, too! Using vintage décor doesn’t have to be kitschy, especially when old-school styles are being recreated for today’s trends. Here are some hot items that you can add to your home.
July 20, 2018


Velvet seating has been around for decades and may conjure up images of dark speakeasys of the 1920s, but the resurgence in this decadent furniture has broken out of the basement. Velvet couches and chairs are big in home décor right now and rightly so. This fabric immediately elicits a feeling of luxury and elegance – which is fitting for luxury rentals in Gowanus! And the best part is that it doesn’t actually have to cost you fortune. Would you believe there are stunning velvet seating options even on Seriously, have a look!


You don’t have to have a beach house to incorporate rattan into your home’s décor. This ‘70s-era material is back in baskets, chairs, headboards, and more. While you don’t want to decorate your entire home with it, snagging a piece or two to use will make your space very on-trend and give it a throwback, relaxed vibe. Rattan works well with softer palettes and fabrics, so get your flowerchild glasses on and throw up some tapestries.

Sputnik Chandeliers

You’ve seen them. Maybe at the local coffee shop or wine bar, but sputnik chandeliers seem to be everywhere. They’re a beautiful throwback addition to a modern-industrial space and can give your home a Mad Men vibe without going over the top. You can even go small if you don’t want to overwhelm your space. These beauties come in a variety of sizes and aren’t particularly expensive. Of course, you could also scour some Brooklyn vintage shops for an original!

Luxury rentals in Gowanus are the perfect places to try out your hand at throwback décor. Whether you’re going all-in on an entire room, or just dotting a few pieces throughout, keeping up with throwback décor trends will be sure to impress your visitors!