Throw the Best ‘Stranger Things 2’ Premiere Party

If you’re excited for the return of Stranger Things on Oct. 27th, then you know what kind of Halloween party you need to throw. From waffle-themed treats to Christmas light displays, here’s everything you’ll need to plan the best premiere party this side of the Upside Down!
October 20, 2017


What’s a Halloween party without costumes? While you can decide whether costumes should be mandatory, it only seems right to bring out the characters for the release of the second season of this cult classic. As the host or hostess of the evening, you get first call of who you’d like to be, allowing the rest of your guests to get creative with their Stranger Things outfits. No matter who you choose, though, you won’t have to spend a lot to look the part. Get yourself to the nearest thrift or vintage store for the perfect ‘80s-inspired wardrobe.


There is so much to choose from in this category, you are only limited by your own “stranger” imagination. Take a look at these Christmas Lights cupcakes inspired by Joyce Byers’ communicative decorations or go all out with these mini cupcakes reflecting a variety of iconic elements from the show, such as Barb’s glasses, cigarettes, and mini waffles. For your 21+ party guests, think about adding a signature cocktail for the evening like the Maple 43 garnished a mini toasted waffle to highlight Eleven’s favorite snack.


Another way for you to transform your party space is through decorations. While easily inexpensive, there are a multitude of ways to bring Hawkins, Indiana, to your home. Grab a vintage rotary phone to accent your snack table or hang this perfectly creepy garland banner depicting the scene where Will warns his mother (through the Christmas lights) to run from the Demogorgon climbing through her wall. Embrace Mike, Dustin, and Lucas’ love of Dungeons and Dragons and find a copy of the game to play while you’re waiting for the show to begin. To add an extra bit of flair to your walls, hang a copy of a Will Byers Missing Poster. (Pro tip: Remove pieces of information from the poster and create a scavenger hunt for your guests to participate in for added party game fun.)

Music and Miscellaneous

A prominent song that you can hear Will Byers sing in the first season is The Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go” from their album Combat Rock. Treat your guests to those excellent ‘80s sounds and play the vinyl record and other decade classics to get you in the perfect viewing mood. And while you’re enjoying the subtle tunes, channel your inner Jonathan Byers and take photos with a vintage-style camera, such as Polaroid, for instant development.

From opening credits to the rolling end, leave your guests wanting more after they indulge in your most epic Halloween party. Who knows? Maybe you can throw a Stranger Things Christmas party, too!