Things You Must Try at the Local Farmers Market Near Gowanus

Ever get tired of buying food and produce from supermarkets and grocery stores? Looking for fresh, seasonal ingredients from local sources in your neighborhood? You’re definitely in luck. The Park Slope Sunday Farmers Market brings Brooklyn residents that country-fresh feeling.
September 8, 2017

The Park Slope Market is one of 20 managed by Down to Earth Farmers Markets in and around New York City. Founded in 1991 as Community Markets, Down to Earth strives to maintain a strong regional food system, built by local, independent farmers and businesses, that provides an alternative to industrial food.

Park Slope’s location offers a variety of items including fruits and vegetables, hard ciders and mead, fish and seafood, meats and poultry, eggs, and dairy products. Other specialty items can be found there as well as, such as honey, dried pastas, unique jams, baked goods, and plants and flowers. Here are a few of the vendors you won’t want to miss.

D&J Farm

Owned by Davie and Julie Yen, D&J Farm is committed to growing organic produce for their customers. Their three-acre farm, which is currently home to 10 greenhouses, harvests specialty salad greens, sugar and snow peas, bok choy, squash, napa cabbage, kohlrabi, Asian eggplant, and more.

Greenhook Ginsmiths

If you’re looking for a unique spirit, then Greenhook Ginsmiths is the stop for you. Created by the Brooklyn-native DeAngelo brothers, their specialty gin is made with a base spirit of New York-grown wheat through vacuum distillation, a rare perfume technique that protects that flavors of each of their products.

Runner & Stone

Oh, the breads you’ll get here. Peter Endriss and his business partner, Chef Chris Pizzulli, merge their respective German and Italian flair for bread baking and share their love of local ingredients and traditional techniques. You can find anything here from croissants and baguettes to whole grain loaf bread and more.

Valley Shepherd Creamery

Originally raising beef cattle, Eran and Debra Wojswol now provide the New York and New Jersey metro area with fresh, sheep’s milk cheese, cave-aged in the old Pyrenees style. You will also find butter and sheep’s milk yogurt as well as fresh goat’s and cow’s milk cheese.

Grab your grocery list, sling a sturdy shopping tote on your arm, and spend a Sunday afternoon perusing all that there is and more at the Park Slope Sunday Farmers Market.