The Other Art Fair

Looking to break out of hibernation in your Gowanus apartment this spring? Luckily, there are lots of things to explore in the borough this season. One of the most interesting events happening this spring is The Other Art Fair. Hosted at the Brooklyn Expo Center, just about 30 minutes north of 363 Bond Street, this seven-year-old event welcomes a range of artists who exhibit and sell their works. The Other Art Fair also holds events in London, Bristol, Sydney, Melbourne, and Los Angeles. Here are some reasons you should check out The Other Art Fair running from May 3-6.
April 4, 2018

Budget friendly.

Don’t think you can go to an art show because you can’t afford anything? Think again! The Other Art Fair is focused on allowing artists to sell their work but also being conscious of the beginner’s budget. You can snag an incredible work for your Gowanus apartment for as little as $100 at this awesome show. Bring some cash and your excellent taste!

New talent. The Other Art Fair welcomes up-and-coming talent that you may not have heard of. Get in on an artist’s work before they blow up. In addition, the artists are accessible! You can chat with each artist about their work, background, influences, and more, right onsite.

Unexpected art. This unique fair welcomes all kinds of artists to highlight their work. Because of the wide range of talent, you’ll never know what will pop up. From taxidermy to 3D printing to immersive theater and dining experiences, there are all sorts of things to explore at The Other Art Fair. Who knows what you’ll find to add to your Gowanus apartment!

Tickets are available per day or for the whole weekend. For more information, check out The Other Art Fair website. As a bonus, dogs are permitted on-site (but you might need to carry them).