The Holidays in Gowanus

So you’ve taken up residence in one of Brooklyn’s hippest, most thriving neighborhoods, and you’re wondering what there will be to do as the holiday season approaches. Lucky for you, we have you covered. The holidays in Gowanus, and in nearby hoods, are just as happening as the rest of the year. We’ve got some great tips for you, so you aren’t left out in the cold this winter. When you live at 363 Bond Street the opportunities for fun winter activities are endless!

December 9, 2019

See the lights.

You’d be remiss if you didn’t head a bit south into Dyker Heights. Each and every winter season, the homes here explode into a dazzling array of holiday lights and music. Whether each home is trying to outdo the other, or they all just equally embrace the spirit (we’re pretty sure it’s the latter), you’ll be hard-pressed to find such over-the-top decorations anywhere else. It’s so well-known, some 100,000 out-of-towners are estimated to flock to this far-flung hood every year.


Take the kids to the museum.

No, really. Work with us here. Yes, the Brooklyn Museum is chockfull of wonderful exhibits that teach so much, but each year it also hosts Winterfest. Here, kids can walk into a giant snow-globe or get a look at the world’s largest snowman. (Take that, Frosty.) Make sure they don’t miss the giant inflatable slide that’s always a hoot to plummet down. After this, they’ll be begging for more trips to the museum.


Take in a show.

Theater options abound in New York City. That’s no secret. But you don’t always have to hit up the big arenas like the Barclays Center to enjoy a show. Pick up a local neighborhood newspaper (or peruse a blog) to find out the latest in holiday entertainment and have yourself a merry night out on the town.


Go shopping. 

We know, there’s more to the holidays than shopping, but the spirit of giving is also huge this time of year. And there’s no better place to feel that spirit than in one of the holiday markets you’ll find throughout the city. Head over to Prospect Heights or Park Slope and check out the specials many of the local mom-and-pop shops (of which there is an abundance) offer in the evenings on weekends. Or, if you love perusing handcrafted items, the Brooklyn Flea is the way to go. You’ll find that one in the Atlantic Center.

The holidays in Gowanus — and really, the whole of New York City — are a truly magical time. We hope you’ll feel inspired by taking in all that your surroundings have to offer this time of year.