Summertime Things to Do While Living in Gowanus

You don’t have to look very far when you’re trying to find things to do in the summer in Gowanus, Brooklyn. You’re always just a hop, skip, or train ride away from adventure.
July 22, 2019

Summertime in Gowanus

As the city completes its transformation from frozen tundra to “tropical” paradise, and residents are starting to emerge from their homes, eager to fill their days with outdoor activities after months of hibernation, you may be wondering about things to do in the summer in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Lucky for you, we have two top-notch suggestions, and they’re both easy enough to do, with no real planning required and all in a convient location near 363 Bond Street available apartments.


Prospect park

Directly due east of this ‘hood is Park Slope, home of the sprawling Prospect Park. This 526-acre green space is chockfull of ways to keep entertained during the warmer months, whether you’re looking for high-octane physical activity or just a leisurely afternoon whiling the hours away.

Runners and bikers can take advantage of the dedicated 3.35-mile-long loop that runs along Park Drive. This is also where myriad official races are hosted, including the annual Brooklyn Half Marathon running race. Of course, both runners and bikers are also welcome to traverse the many other pathways that wind throughout the park.

For something a little more leisurely, check out the designated BBQ areas and feel free to bring the whole family to cook up an afternoon meal. Unwind afterward with a casual stroll, scouting out any of the more than 250 species of birds that call this green oasis home.

If you have little ones, Prospect Park is dotted with more than a half dozen playgrounds, most of which are located along the outskirts of the park for easy access. But you’d be remiss if you didn’t take a few minutes to stop at the famed Carousel. Located in the Children’s Corner, 53 horses “gallop” in a continuous loop at this restored 1912 attraction.


Coney Island

Deeper into Brooklyn, Coney Island is another crowd pleaser, with activities for all ages, and well worth the trek. Of course, you can throw a blanket down on the sand and simply relax as you listen to the soothing sound of the surf crashing along the shore. But the real draw in Coney Island is the infamous boardwalk.

Immerse yourself in the carnivalesque atmosphere that is the Coney Island Boardway and you can peruse the kitschy souvenir shops in between indulging on pizza, sausages, ice cream, and fried dough.


Luna Park

But before you fill up too much on greasy goodness and sticky sweets, head to Luna Park and face all the thrill rides it has to offer. There’s the Sling Shot (which is exactly what it sounds like), the Coney Island Raceway (go-karts), and the Thunderbolt (a two-minute, hair-raising ride that includes a 90-degree, 55-mile-per-hour drop). But the real claim to fame here is the Cyclone, a 2,640-foot-long coaster that dates all the way back to 1927. Until you experience this, you haven’t really experienced Coney Island.