Spring Cleaning Tips for Your New York Apartment

The haze of winter has lifted, and fresh air is abundant. Now is the perfect time to throw together your spring-cleaning apartment checklist and get the renewal underway at home. Whether you participate in this yearly ritual each spring or you're new to the idea of marking the change in seasons with a spic and span home, a simple checklist can keep you on task and have your apartment clean from top to bottom in no time.
April 10, 2020

Start at the top

First things first, start your cleaning from the top down. When you start high, you can catch anything that falls during your final clean sweep. Spring cleaning is usually synonymous with a deep clean, so break out the glass cleaner (or whatever you need for your specific fixtures) and spruce up your lights. If you have ceiling fans, use a pillowcase to catch dust from the blades. Exposed duct work also collects dust, so make sure to get up high and clean it all off.



When’s the last time you dusted your blinds or washed your curtains? Now’s the time to strip it all down and clean it up. Also make sure to get a streak-free shine on those windowpanes!


Donate and declutter

What better time than during the spring-cleaning process to donate your unwanted or unused items? Go through your closet and just let go of the things you haven’t worn in the past year or two. Do you have a stash of takeout containers that you’ve been meaning to get use out of? Recycle them. Any appliances you got for the holidays that you’ve used once? Put it on a quick-sale app or just donate it to your local shelter or charity. While you’re at it, go through that random stack of papers and clean out your medicine cabinet, too. Marie Kondo your life and breathe in the simplicity.



If you don’t make a regular habit of clearing out the refrigerator and cupboard, take the time now to do so. Yes, we all have that can of soup that probably expired three years ago in our cabinet – it’s time to let it go. Also, deep clean all your appliances including your stove and refrigerator considering you just got all the junk out of it!


Stay safe

You know the one thing most people leave off their spring-cleaning apartment checklist? Checking and changing smoke detector batteries! This incredibly important item can literally save lives. Also, if you have a separate carbon monoxide detector, check and change that, too.


Finish with the bottom

Give your floors a good once over to end your spring-cleaning extravaganza. If you have rugs or carpet, clean them whether professionally or by renting a steamer. Hardwoods? Sweep, mop, and treat (if applicable). Whatever your floors are made of, make sure you use the right products to get all the gunk and grime of winter off of them. You’ll be walking around barefoot a lot more now that warmer weather is upon us!

Putting together a spring-cleaning apartment checklist isn’t challenging and the execution of it doesn’t have to be either! Plan, get to work, and reap the benefits.