Schooling Options Near 363 Bond Street

When choosing a new place to call home, we all have different criteria that rank higher on our list of “musts” in order to sign on the dotted line. Some people want to be close to public transportation. Others would rather have as short a commute to and from work each day. But if education is top of mind for you, rest assured there are plenty of schools near our Gowanus apartments at 363 Bond Street for you to choose from, whether you’re looking at options for children or seeking higher education for yourself.
January 25, 2020

Junior High Schools

Starting in junior high school (sixth grade) and running through high school graduation, Brooklyn Collaborative is an Outward Bound school. Through a mix of traditional education and challenging social experiments, this school strives to prepare its students for both college-level learning and real-world situations outside of the classroom walls.

High Schools

South Brooklyn Community High School is a traditional public school with a commitment to guiding their students to higher levels of education and preparing them for future successes. They encourage leadership outside of the classroom and embrace parent participation to help make a much more robust educational experience for their students. Centered around the principals of the “Framework for Great Schools,” a huge focus is building trusting relationships between administrators, teachers, students, and families.

For the artistically inclined Digital Arts & Cinema Technology High School can give an added level of specialized education that better equips students for their forthcoming college years. Whereas traditional high schools don’t have the facilities available to provide advanced training in the arts, DT is able to do this, so when students graduate and step foot on their college campus, they’re way ahead of the game.

At Brooklyn Friends School, which welcomes in preschool through 12th-grade students, education is based on Quaker beliefs. Students are taught to develop critical thinking skills and apply all that they learn to situations both in and out of the classroom.

Looking to take your career to the next level and tackle a law degree? Brooklyn Law School is conveniently located nearby and, with less time to focus on getting yourself to and from campus, you’ll have more time to dedicate to your studies. So rather than worry about traffic or train delays, you can work on nailing the next exam, inching your way closer toward passing the bar and winning court cases.

It’s clear to see that schools near our Gowanus apartments are abundant, so if education is at the top of your list, why don’t you stop by and we’ll show you around?