Surviving Winter in Brooklyn

Despite living in a luxury rental in Brooklyn where it’s warm and inviting, you still live in the Northeast and have to leave your apartment at some point this winter. Surviving the harsh temperatures of New York can take some getting used to, especially if you’re not native to the area. From the blustery winds that tunnel through city streets to the feet of snow you have to traipse through to get anywhere, daily life during winter in Brooklyn can be challenging. But, this year, prepare yourself with these handy tips, because as we all well know, winter is coming.
December 2, 2018

Surviving Winter in Brooklyn

Dress for Success

The first tip to surviving winter in Brooklyn is to dress properly. You will have to eventually leave your luxury rental in Brooklyn and withstand the elements, so making sure you’re dressed for success is key! Layers are the trick to dressing for the brutal Northeast winters appropriately. When you’re walking to the train, you need to pack it all on and make sure you have a thick and insulated coat. Once you hit public transit, start peeling the layers off before you overheat. Layers keep more of your body heat in, so that you can brave the outdoors but easily regulate your body temperature once you’re in a warmer environment.

The second critical part of your winter wardrobe is what you wear on your feet. While fashion is always important in New York, during the winter, function takes precedent. Trudging through half-cleared city sidewalks or scaling mountains of plowed snow isn’t something you can easily do with this season’s Jimmy Choos. Invest in quality boots that will keep your feet warm and your body upright (they need good traction!) so that you don’t lose feeling in your toes or risk frostbite. Even if you think you won’t be outside for that long, it’s still important to protect your feet.

Light It Up

If you don’t really want to venture outside of your luxury rental in Brooklyn that much this winter, make sure that you take action to combat seasonal depression. One trick is to use light therapy. Northeast winters can be long, dark, and kind of miserable, but using light therapy can help you stay more positive and productive during the season. Light therapy helps to stimulate your body’s natural energy enhancers without UV rays. So, if there’s not a lot of sunny days in Brooklyn this winter, you can still get much-needed light!

Work It

We all know that exercise is important, but it’s particularly key in beating the winter-weather blues. Working out can help you feel less sluggish and down when the temperatures drop. That being said, it’s even harder to get to the gym when the weather outside is frightful. But if you live in a luxury rental in Brooklyn like 363 Bond Street, then you have quick access to a gym right on site! With Precore machines, Peleton bicycles, and more, you’ll be able to get your sweat on just steps from your front door without even having to go outside.

Don’t let the snow and cold get you down this winter. Be proactive and even you can survive the coldest season in Brooklyn!