How To Find An Apartment in Brooklyn NY

You've decided to make the leap and move to the city. Of all the boroughs, you have your sights on Brooklyn. Know you're wondering how to find an apartment in Brooklyn. Luckily, housing abounds in this popular borough. If you're relocating from way outside of town or haven't spent a ton of time in the city, you'll need to do your research. That means putting feet on the ground and getting to know your potential new 'hood. Each place has its own charm and finding exactly where you want to call home involves a little more than a Google search. Here are some things to consider when looking for an apartment in Brooklyn.
May 15, 2020


There are so many wonderfully distinct neighborhoods in Brooklyn that just picking a dot on a map is a terrible idea. You really need to visit and spend time in some you think you might want to settle down in. Are you looking for a family-friendly area? More into the nightlife and bar scene? What about restaurants, history, or community involvement? A lot goes into picking the perfect Brooklyn neighborhood. Before you find an apartment, do your research. Spend a weekend in a few neighborhoods and get to know the area. Go to popular places. Eat at local restaurants. Spend time walking the blocks. Then start figuring out how to find an apartment in Brooklyn in your favorite neighborhood.



What’s your budget? In reality, the amount you can afford may dictate what neighborhood you’ll live in. Brooklyn is a hot borough and that means that you’ll be paying the price to live there. That doesn’t mean it’s out of reach, but you may not find the type of housing you want at your price point in every neighborhood. Figure out what you can realistically afford and start plotting out places to tour in corresponding neighborhoods. Also, be open to places you may not have put at the top of your list. While each neighborhood is unique, things change all the time.



Where do you work? Think realistically about your commute. It doesn’t really make sense to have a car in the city, especially in Brooklyn. While many do, it may not be necessary. Public transit is king and getting to where you need to be for work can be simple – though it may take longer than you’re used to. Brooklyn is a large borough, so even getting from one end to the other can take more than an hour on the train. When you’re looking into how to find an apartment in Brooklyn, plot out your daily commute and make sure it’s something you can live with.

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