Hosting A Winter Gathering In Your Brooklyn Apartment

Winter is a great time to gather with friends. There aren't always many things to do outdoors when it's cold, so inviting everyone over for a get-together can really help keep the cabin fever away while creating great memories. Throwing a cozy winter-themed party is a fun way to bring friends together while saying no to the cold! Here are some great tips to get started hosting a winter gathering in your Brooklyn apartment.

February 19, 2019

How To Host a Brooklyn Get Together

The first thing you’ll want to have for your guests is hot beverages. Thankfully, the internet has no shortage of recipes for different kinds of hot cider, mulled wine, or that old-timey drink “wassail” from those Christmas songs. Aside from being great to warm your stomach and your soul, hot drinks have a way of making your whole apartment smell amazing. If you’re inviting several friends, consider making up a hot chocolate bar stocked with whipped cream, caramel sauce, marshmallows, and peppermint pieces. You can also spice up the night a little by making hot alcoholic drinks such as spiked eggnog, vanilla steamers with rum, or Kahlua hot chocolate.

As your guests roll in, invite them to vote on a movie they want to see for the night. You can leave a few options out for everyone to see and decide on. If you’re interested in a more interactive night, you can add options for some video games, board games, and card games for a long night of fun. Invite your friends to come in their pajamas and sweatpants for added coziness, or to bring extra blankets and pillows to get comfy on the couch and floor. Being alone during winter can be lonesome, boring, and even stressful, but there are plenty of fun activities to do with friends during winter. All it takes is a text or an invite on social media to let everyone know that you’re hosting a winter gathering in your Brooklyn apartment!

Our apartments make not only great homes but also great get-together spots for your winter gathering. Our spacious Gowanus apartments will be perfect for you and your friends to stretch out in front of the TV. Our kitchens, outfitted with Kohler appliances and fixtures make cooking for a group easier than ever. After all your guests have departed, you can relax in your apartment or you can enjoy the gym, tech room, or our social room to meet your neighbors in the community. No matter where you come from, 363 Bond has something for you. Call us today to schedule a tour of your new home!