Host a Memorial Day Soiree at Your Gowanus Apartment

The official start of summer isn’t until June, but the unofficial beginning of the season kicks off with Memorial Day! Since you’re settled into your Gowanus rental which features incredible outdoor spaces, why not host a Memorial Day bash with all your friends right at home? No need to worry about walking or ride sharing anywhere when you can enjoy the sun and fun right on site. With 363 Bond Street’s Courtyard by 363 (a second-floor terrace) and Green by 363 (a roof-top lawn and activity area complete with BBQ cabanas), you’ll have everything you need to host your crew for Memorial Day.
May 24, 2018


Who doesn’t love grilled food for Memorial Day? Luckily, at 363 Bond Street, despite living in a Gowanus rental you have access to a staple of summer – a grill! No matter what kind of food your crew is into, you’ll have plenty of space to create and serve right on the rooftop lawn. Grilling doesn’t have to be low-brow either. Think of some chic ways to class up your grilled menu or add in selects from international cuisine like elotes. Your guests will love it! And, of course, make sure to have some standards like hamburgers and hot dogs because it’s the start of summer after all!


What’s a Memorial Day soiree without delicious drinks? For your celebration, create a signature cocktail that pays homage to the holiday – something red, white, or blue and summery fresh. In addition, think about the vessels in which you’ll serve it and any accoutrement to go along with it. Get creative! Of course, have lots of water on hand and a selection of other drinks to fit any taste. Haul some buckets of ice up to the roof to make sure everything stays nice and chilled.


Your Gowanus rental comes complete with lots of entertainment for your guests. From billiards inside to a rooftop lawn and pool to built-in shuffleboard, when your crew comes over they’ll never get bored! Prefer to pack your own games? There’s plenty of lawn on the roof for KanJam, cornhole, or any other lawn game you might want to break out to mark the beginning of summer.

This is the first of many summer bashes you’ll host at your Gowanus rental, so have fun and strap in for an exciting season!