Get Into the Halloween Spirit with the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

Looking for something this season to get your Halloween excitement bubbling? The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, now in its second year, might just be your ticket. The four-day event pulls competitive filmmakers from around the world to represent and display the best of the best in this unique genre. From October 12-15, cinephiles will celebrate the fine art of horror filmmaking that is dedicated to challenging the boundaries of your screams.
October 6, 2017

With more than 50 movies and shorts for film fans to choose from throughout the festival, you’ll be sure to find a new favorite while also enjoying a mini-marathon of the Friday the 13th movies (on Friday, October 13th). The festival is sponsored by several great companies, including Horror Pack, Quickframe, Coney Island Brewing Co., Halfpops, and Birth.Movies.Death.

Some of the featured movies in this season include Birthday, a film about a young nurse who steals from patients and faces the consequences when she meets three elderly sisters in an old folks’ home; Are You Wild Like Me, about a string of missing person cases in the woods of a small New England town possibly related to the disappearance of an infant girl nine years prior; and Great Choice, where a woman finds herself trapped within a Red Lobster commercial that never ends.

If you’re looking to enjoy some Halloween horror all year-round, you’re also in luck. The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival sponsors monthly events and screenings of classic and independent horror films for your viewing pleasure at their many participating theaters, such as Alamo Drafthouse – Downtown Brooklyn, Nitehawk Cinema, Liu Kumble Theater, and Film Noir Cinema.

Whether you go for a film buff package or purchase tickets per movie, make a night of it for you and your friends by visiting some of the area’s best dining and bar hangouts like Le Boudoir, a unique cocktail lounge fashioned after Marie Antoinette’s chambers, and House of Wax, a macabre museum mixed with specialty drinks, beer, and small plates.

Feed your fears this Halloween season and enjoy the mastery of horror cinema with the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival…if you dare!