Throwing Your First Freaster at Your Brooklyn Apartment

Just like its fall counterpart Friendsgiving, Freaster is the perfect time to gather your crew at your Brooklyn apartment and celebrate spring!  Since Easter falls on the first day of the month this year, don’t feel tied to hosting your fabulous feast before the actual day. You have all of April to celebrate! Here are some tips for throwing the best Freaster yet!
April 1, 2018

The Food

Easter is synonymous with delicious dishes. From ham to deviled eggs to sweet treats, there’s no limit to what you can serve at your Brooklyn apartment for Freaster. If you don’t have the space, or the energy, to bother with an entire ham, tone it down and make sandwiches or bite-sized apps! As always, be sure to include options for your meatless friends, too. Deviled eggs are a staple of any Easter celebration, but at Freaster, think outside the box. Add unique ingredients or create your own go-to recipe. Not interested in slaving over the stove? Ask everyone to bring a dish to pass – the best kind of gathering is a communal one!


When’s the last time you got an Easter basket? Ok, it was probably last year from your mom, but not everyone is as spoiled as you! Create adorable little Freaster baskets as welcome gifts for your guests! Target has lots of great bargain holiday items that you can use and just toss in some candy or small booze bottles to complete the gift. Set them at everyone’s place at the table or create a beautiful display where everyone can take one. Your guests will love the thoughtfulness and treats!


Spring is light and airy and the décor at your Brooklyn apartment for Freaster should be too! There are easy ways to decorate for your soiree that your guests will love. Easter means bunnies and bunnies mean carrots – use this as a theme! Wrap up your silverware in orange napkins with a green tie or grab a bunch of carrots and put them in a clear vase, add some white flowers on top and voile, an adorable spring centerpiece is born!

Freaster is a great opportunity to kick off the warm season with your friends even if your Brooklyn apartment is still in the middle of winter. Cuddle up, pour a drink, and enjoy each other’s company inside for now!