Explore Gowanus Breweries Near Luxury Brooklyn Apartments

When living in the midst of any city, you are never at a loss for things to do, see, eat, and drink. Our luxury Brooklyn apartments are no different being located in the heart of one of the greatest cities in the world. You can see a show on Broadway, take a ferry to Staten Island, or stay close to home and enjoy a great array of breweries serving up craft beers right outside your front door.
October 13, 2017

Strong Rope Brewery, 574A President St.
Enjoy seasonal favorites and reinterpreted classics with Strong Rope Brewery’s hand-crafted ales that embrace the finest ingredients provided by local farms. The family-run business also serves New York State wine and spirits. Dedicated to sustainable design and development, owner Jason Sahler tries to minimize environmental impact whenever possible throughout all aspects of the brewery. From various monthly events to their exclusive mug club, there’s always something for you to enjoy at Strong Rope.

Threes Brewing, 333 Douglass St.
Operating since December 2014, Threes Brewing has made more than 60 styles of beer, focusing on German lagers, traditional Belgian farmhouse ales, and hop-forward American ales. With a fun and engaging atmosphere, Threes Brewing creates a comfortable space for you to try a craft beer tailored to your taste and hang out with good friends and family.

Other Half Brewing, 195 Centre St.
In a chic industrial setting, Other Half Brewing is dedicated to offering quality New York craft beers. Brewing their own batches in their Brooklyn brewery, they also collaborate with several breweries in New York and across the world to constantly help elevate the craft process. While they do not serve food, the taproom allows for small snacks and meals to be brought in to enjoy with their beer selection. From excellent taste to decorative packaging, Other Half is a great place to go around the corner from our luxury Brooklyn apartments.

Folksbier, 101 Luquer St.
Combining old-fashioned brewing techniques with modern technology, Folksbier offers a unique blend of classic, balanced beers and new world ingredients and flavors. The newly added tasting room, directly next door to their brewhouse, features seven rotating taps with the freshest selections accompanied by a light snack menu. The comfortable space is ideal for both small and large parties.

No matter your taste in craft beer, there is a Gowanus brewery near our luxury Brooklyn apartments to suit you, leaving you with the toughest decision to make: Which one first?