Discover the Brooklyn Navy Yard

When choosing a new apartment, it’s important to find one that’s in the perfect location for you. That could mean proximity to nightlife, shopping, restaurants, or you may be most interested in finding a place that makes your daily commute as stress-free as possible. When you decide to make 363 Bond Street your home, we’re happy to tell you that you'll find all of the above, right here in the immediate Gowanus area because we offer apartments near the Brooklyn Navy Yard at 363 Bond Street.
March 12, 2020

Stress-Free Commute

What does our proximity to the Navy Yard have to do with a daily stress-free commute? We’re just a 20-minute drive due south of the Yard — you could even walk it if you wanted; it’s just 2 miles away — and job opportunities are beyond plentiful in this tiny but bustling area. The waterfront region, which sits directly across the river from Manhattan’s Lower East Side, is home to more than 400 businesses. Many are in the manufacturing business, in one form or another, but the industries are abundant, including textiles, spirits, printing, woodworking, and beyond.


Plenty of Activities to Enjoy

But don’t for a minute think that you have to work at the Yard in order to enjoy it. There are myriad experiences to take advantage of when you’re just in search of a leisurely way to spend your afternoon.

There’s the Brooklyn Grange, the first-ever rooftop farm (yes, you read that right) in New York City. This place sells its goods at weekly farmer’s markets and even supplies some local restaurants.

If you’re a fan of spirits, Kings County Distillery is one spot you shouldn’t miss. It’s the city’s oldest and largest distillery and is open to the public for regular tours and whiskey tastings, including flights, pours, and snacks.

History buffs should be sure to stop by the Brooklyn Navy Yard Museum. The fully restored LEED-certified building dates all the way back to 1858 and has three floors that are dedicated to the past, present, and future of the Yard. Don’t miss a chance to stop by the Brooklyn Roasting Company cafe for a bite and some coffee.

The Navy Yard is also home to an always-changing rotation of special events, from seasonal markets to art exhibits. Just take a look at their calendar of events to see which pique your interest.


Make 363 Bond Street Your Home

From our apartments near the Brooklyn Navy Yard, there is such a smorgasbord of activity. This hardly even scratches the surface. Whether you’re looking for employment or entertainment, options abound right here in your backyard when you choose to call 363 Bond Street home. Our luxury apartments provide the great location with all the wonderful features and amenities you could imagine in a Gowanus apartment. Give us a call today to schedule a tour and come see for yourself!