Declutter Before the Holidays

We’re on the cusp of entertaining season. If you’ve secured one of the many apartments for rent near Park Slope, now is the perfect time to downsize before the big move and before everyone comes to see the new place. While you’re packing up, there are some things you can get rid of without too much consideration. Even if you wait until you’re in your new place and you’ve moved some unnecessary things, take the time to go through as you’re unpacking to purge all the junk you hauled in. Besides, you’ll want as much free space as possible when everyone comes over for the holidays! Here are some things to toss or donate ASAP.
November 14, 2018

Stuff to Ditch Before the Holidays Hit

Magazines. That free or low-cost subscription sounded like SUCH a great deal, so you couldn’t pass it up. But what you forgot is that you just don’t have time to actually read all the magazines you received. So, you stack them up thinking, “Someday. Someday I’ll read these.” You won’t. Get rid of them. They’re heavy and taking up space!

Clothes. If it doesn’t fit, you haven’t worn it in a year, or you don’t actually even like it – donate it! According to some organizational methods, you should only keep things that “spark joy” and this includes clothing! Getting rid of old clothes can make you and your closet feel lighter!

Chipped dishes. There’s no reason to hang on to chipped dishes and glassware – especially since it’s entertaining season! Get rid of anything that isn’t in great condition and take the opportunity to let everyone know you’re in the market for new stuff. You might get some really great holiday gifts to replace your worn stuff!

Expired cosmetics. Yes. Cosmetics expire. Would you eat something that was a few months or YEARS past date? No. And you shouldn’t put it on your face either! In addition to the products not working as well, using expired cosmetics can even cause infections. So, check the dates (if they have them) and if they don’t, refer to handy online references for the shelf life of any particular cosmetic. You’ll free up space for the latest and greatest formulations!

Books. But you’re supposed to collect books, right? Well, maybe not. Moving into apartments for rent near Park Slope is hard enough without hauling tons of books alone with you. If you have books in your collection that don’t move you or you haven’t used for reference or re-read in more than three years – donate them. Books are great, but they take up a lot of space!

Scale down and open up your new space to invite everyone you love over this holiday season! Contact 363 Bond Street today to learn more about our current availability!