Luxurious Cruelty-Free and Sustainable Boutiques NYC

Do you consider yourself to be a conscientious shopper? One who takes a little more time before making a purchase to really research where your items are coming from? If so, we want to share a few of our favorite luxurious cruelty-free, and sustainable boutiques near 363 Bond Street Apartments. When you’re not enjoying our phenomenal apartment amenities, take a convenient stroll out to these high-end boutiques in our ideal Gowanus neighborhood.
November 5, 2020

Zero Waste and Fair Trade for All: Kaight

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for; this place has it all: womenswear, menswear, accessories, home decor, skincare, fragrances, and more. The company, founded in 2005, prides itself on its sustainability. All of its fashion-forward clothing and accessories are produced meeting five criteria: local production, organic textiles, reclaimed materials, fair trade, and zero waste. The best part? This place is just a brief walk north from the front doors of Gowanus apartments for rent.


Sustainable and Ethical Womenswear: Study NY

Getting to this shop is as simple as firing up your computer or smartphone. Its online-only boutique specializes in womenswear that is all produced domestically using both ethical production methods and fabrics. The collections, which have limited quantities (since they aren’t mass-produced), are bold and durable and make quite the statement.



Local Vegan Menswear: Brave Gentleman

Launched in 2010, this menswear line has made waves in the fashion industry. Its sustainability practices are so well-noted that it has earned not one, but two, awards from PETA: Menswear Brand of the Year and Most Influential Designer. None of the materials used to make its garments are sourced from animals, making it a “vegan” line of clothing and, while it may slow down production speed, it embraces ethical labor practices that also help result in top-quality products. Oh, and don’t expect typical seasonal releases: Brave Gentleman does not follow this traditional practice commonly adhered to in the industry.

In a city like this, you can find just about anything. These are just three of the amazing luxurious cruelty-free and sustainable boutiques in NYC. Trust us when we tell you there are even more to be discovered. You just need to take the time to look. So, don’t hesitate and contact us for your own personalized apartment tour today!