Carnival in Brooklyn

This is your year to experience what’s called New York’s most colorful event – Carnival in Brooklyn. On Labor Day, the West Indian Day Parade gathers welcomes around two million people to Crown Heights to celebrate history and culture. You’ll love participating in one of the most unique celebrations in the city by watching the colorful parade, enjoying delicious cuisine, and perusing a variety of vendors. On September 3, Eastern Parkway will be overtaken by parade participants and attendees as the street fills with the sounds of drums, whistles, reggae and calypso music. And, don’t forget the costumes! Carnival is known for colorful, involved costumes involving feathers, rhinestones, beads, skin, and much more.
August 1, 2018

Carnival in Brooklyn is rooted in Harlem in the 1930s when Ms. Jessie Wardell and some of her West Indian friends hosted costume parties in large enclosed spaces due to the cold February weather. Because the Carnival is associated with pre-Lenten activities, these festivities were held in the colder months but quickly the celebration became to large to keep indoors. During the 1940s Ms. Wardell was involved in the first street parade in Harlem. In the 1960s, Rufus Goring brought Carnival to Brooklyn. Throughout the years, the celebration has continued to grow and attract more revelers during each annual event.

Luckily, living at 363 Bond Street puts you just 1.5 miles away from this year’s celebration, which ends at Grand Army Plaza. The parade starts at Schenectady Avenue along Eastern Parkway with a finale at the plaza. You’re within easy reach of the celebration whether you want to enjoy the entire parade, or just set up at the end for all the revelry. Be sure to bring cash to take advantage of all the incredible vendors, and feel free to get colorful with your own outfit! The event itself is free to all but purchasing food, drinks, and souvenirs is a must. Don’t miss Carnival in Brooklyn as the perfect way to close out the summer. Contact 363 Bond Street today to learn more!