Books Set In Brooklyn

You wouldn’t live in Brooklyn unless you love it. So, while you’re waiting for the weather to warm or if you’re planning your outdoor reading list for the summer, why not jot down a handful of books about your beloved borough? From classic works to modern treasures, there are enough books set in Brooklyn to get you through the entire summer and beyond. Here are some options to check out this year, whether you decide to read them cuddle up indoors, or stretched out in the sun!
April 9, 2018

Books About Brooklyn You Should Read

Desperate Characters (1970) – Set in Brooklyn Heights, this classic that is continuously rediscovered by each generation follows a middle-class couple that’s fallen out of love and is surrounded by crime, desperation, and fragile emotional states.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1943) – If you’ve lived in Brooklyn for any amount of time, you’ve probably read this. But, why not rediscover it with fresh eyes? Set in Williamsburg during the early part of the 20th century, the story follows a family of first-generation Irish-Americans in the borough in pursuit of the American dream.

A Meaningful Life (1971) – Lead character, Lowell, discovers a run-down mansion in Brooklyn that he decides to fix. Through fixing the home, Lowell is sure that he’ll be able to fix everything that’s gone wrong in his life. He throws himself into the home so much so that he quits his job and focuses all his attention on the dilapidated structure in a crime-ridden neighborhood.

Modern Lovers (2016) – This novel harkens back to a grittier Brooklyn has it follows the story of two middle-aged women that used to be in a band in the ‘80s but are now trying to raise children in the borough. When a filmmaker wants the rights to their most famous song, old tensions arise.

Infinite Home (2015) – If you live in Brooklyn, you’ll immediately be able to feel this book. The cast of misfit characters rallies together to avoid eviction. The book touches on gentrification and where the artists are left to thrive in the ever-changing borough.

These are just a small portion of the numerous novels focused on Brooklyn. Whether posted up on your couch or sitting at the nearest coffee spot, enjoy a book about Brooklyn this year.