A Last Summer Hurrah

Just because it’s past Labor Day doesn’t mean you can’t throw one last summer party at your Brooklyn apartment. Warm weather is still hanging on so there’s plenty of opportunity to take advantage of your building’s stunning outdoor features. Now that the rush of summer is over, everything will be less crowded, too! Invite your crew over and enjoy the last bits of summer, even if the unofficial end has already passed. Here are some tips for a happening last hurrah before the chilly air takes hold for good.
September 10, 2018

A Last Summer Hurrah


A great way to start planning a party is to pick a theme. Since this particular party is centered around the last whispers of summer, think of a theme that celebrates everything the season is about. Whether you opt for a bikini bash or an Americana event, let your guests know what to wear, what to bring, and what to expect! They’ll be as excited about the theme as they will the event itself.

Summer Sips

Just because fall is nearby, and everyone is back to school doesn’t mean you should leave out the cocktails! A proper summer party at any Brooklyn apartment should include some summery sips for your guests to enjoy. Think fresh and fun like cucumber martinis or mango mojito – anything that exudes a careless summer vibe. Of course, be sure to include non-alcoholic options like jazzed up seltzer or delicious iced tea.

Festive Foods

Summer is all about the food – especially grilling! For your last summer hurrah, plan the menu around the tastes of the season. From a variety of salads to everything you can throw on the grill and more, provide a menu of fresh, festive options for your guests. They’ll love reliving the summer one last time before it’s all pumpkin everything.

Throwing a summer party at your Brooklyn apartment has never been easier than at 363 Bond. Our extensive outdoor amenities make enjoying every ounce of warm weather easy!