5 Tips for Entertaining at Luxury Apartments in Brooklyn

What good is a chic luxury apartment in Brooklyn if you can’t invite friends to entertain in it? City dwellers love a good dinner party, and hosting one at your Brooklyn apartment can be as simple or extravagant as you like! Don’t think you have enough space to host the whole crew? Think again! In fact, Gowanus was listed the number one neighborhood to find apartments with dining spaces or eat-in kitchens. Here are some tips for pulling off a successful and elegant dinner party or friendly gathering in the comfort of your own home.
July 28, 2017
  1. New York City apartments aren’t necessarily known for having an abundance of space as gorgeous and unique as they might be. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t accommodate a dinner party for a large group at your Brooklyn pad. Rearranging existing furniture to provide an intimate, yet functional dinner space is key. Don’t be afraid to move big items like couches and chairs to make the dining event the center of the biggest space in your apartment.
  2. Think about your favorite restaurant? What is the lighting like? Using overhead lights can be harsh when hosting a dinner party. Look into ways to soften the vibe to mirror that perfect little bistro that you and your crew frequent. Stringing up frosted globe lights or dining by candlelight can make your luxury apartment in Brooklyn feel like a completely different world.
  3. Having a theme for your dinner party not only dictates décor, it can give your guests the opportunity to participate in the event. Encourage your attendees to dress the part. For place settings, include fun facts surrounding the theme as conversation starters. Look for ways to incorporate the theme into food, drink, décor, and overall ambiance.
  4. Alternative spaces. Some luxury apartments in Brooklyn come complete with outdoor spaces available for residents to use. Have a roof deck? Host your dinner party there! Not only will people appreciate the additional space and fresh air, the view will absolutely stun. If your building has a prime location, schedule the event to include when the sun sets for an unforgettable element.
  5. Just drinks. Don’t feel like rearranging your entire apartment or just have too many friends to squeeze around a table? Host a drinks and desserts party. A more informal gathering allows people to mingle about without you needing to figure out seating for everyone in attendances. Provide light fare and cocktails and enjoy!

Not everyone in the city has the ability to host company at luxury apartments in Brooklyn. Take advantage of your uniquely beautiful space and enjoy the company of your closest, or not so close, friends. Cheers!