Mirror Tricks For Your Apartment

Getting rentals near Gowanus ready to entertain for the holidays means making your home show-ready. What better way to make your space feel bigger and brighter than incorporating some mirror tricks that will stun! Everyone knows that mirrors can make a space feel bigger, but just tossing up boring mirror walls is a thing of the past. Today, using mirrors for both ambiance and décor is key in creating a comprehensive living space design. Here are some tricks you can use to brighten up your space and overall décor.
November 3, 2018

Mirror Tricks for Your Apartment


Depending on the space you have, and the space you’re aiming to make appear bigger, the size of the mirror you use matters. We’ve all seen those floor-to-ceiling mirror walls in your grandmother’s townhome on Staten Island – that’s not what we’re talking about. But you can find a larger mirror that will take up lots of wall space and reflect natural light making your apartment appear more airy and spacious. Check stores like IKEA and TJ Maxx so you don’t bust your budget on finding a large piece.


You can also create a focal wall in your home with several mirrors arranged thoughtfully together. As an example, if you’d rather make it interesting instead of overwhelm with a large mirror, find a set of medium-sized mirrors and make a gallery wall with them. This will reflect light and also provide interesting texture to a wall in your apartment. If you have exposed brick, this can be an option to lighten it up.


The way you position mirrors at rentals near Gowanus can make a big difference. Place your mirror, or mirrors, where they’ll get the most light coming directly to them from the windows in your home. Think about which windows see the most light during the day and put them where they’ll catch it. Not only will it make your home brighter, it’ll make your apartment seem that much bigger too!

We know that rentals near Gowanus will be perfect, and spacious enough, for all the family and friends to gather in this holiday season – especially with these mirror tricks!