Local Art to Outfit Your Luxury Apartment in Brooklyn

You’ve found your perfect place. The furniture is moved in, the bed is made, the cabinets are filled, but what about your walls? Don’t they need a little love too?
June 9, 2017

Of course, they do! And what could be better than adding some local flavor to your luxury apartment in Brooklyn. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at this list of great places — local shops, online resources, and markets — that will allow you to give your walls that extra boost without breaking your budget.


Though not quite as affordable as it once was, Bushwick has become a major hotspot for emerging artists in New York, with numerous galleries and live events. From daily openings at galleries, studios and even bars to the Bushwick Open Studios festival, Bushwick has so much to offer for artists and art lovers, alike.

Brooklyn Flea

Find some free time on the weekends to visit the Brooklyn Flea, a place where all kinds of artists and artisans bring craft goods, clothing, vintage finds, jewelry, and more. You’ll find everything from fine wood work to old signs, tapestries to funky frames, and anything in between to create the perfect home decor to spruce up your luxury apartment in Brooklyn.

University and Art School Exhibitions

While you won’t find Picasso or Van Gogh here, visiting art galleries for college artists will ensure you have something truly unique on your walls. Some great places to find student work include School of Visual Arts, Parsons the New School, and Pratt Institute.

Coffee Shops and Cafes

That little multi-color print you just love at your favorite corner coffee shop may have its price, if you’re willing to ask. Though coffee shop and cafe art may not actually be for sale, some hangouts feature pieces from local artists and organizations that you can either buy off the wall or can ask where to find something like it in the area.


Just because you want local flair for your luxury apartment in Brooklyn, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to scour the streets looking for it. While we recommend exploring the city whenever possible, there are several online resources that will allow you to peruse the perfect accent to whatever space you’d like to decorate. Etsy, a Brooklyn-based online craft community, has anything from antique planters to original art, paintings, and small decorative items. Looking for something in particular? Most vendors tend to be extremely informative and helpful in assisting your desires and orders from start to finish. Society6 and Fab.com are also wonderful outlets where you can find and order premier prints from artists around the world.