Where to Find Unique Décor for Your Luxury Brooklyn Apartment

Finding the perfect blend of old, new, unique, and classic for your apartment can be one of the most exciting parts about moving into a new space. Your luxury Brooklyn apartment, set in eclectic Gowanus, deserves to be outfitted with décor and furniture that represent the style of the city’s hottest borough. Luckily, Brooklyn is filled with shops that specialize in the strange and beautiful. From vintage treasures to original creations, here are some of the best places to find perfect pieces for your space.
June 2, 2017

The Lion’s Den, 1113 Broadway, Bushwick

At this Brooklyn antique/consignment shop, you’ll find a mix of everything. From appliances to antique arm chairs, The Lion’s Den has it all. Wade through the assortment of old and almost-new to find a unique treasure to make your own. This is a great spot to find a DIY project that you can personalize even more once you get back home. The inventory is always changing and the staff is friendly and happy to help you in your quest!

Adverts Vintage & Modern, 297 Bond St., Gowanus
Started as an online retailer in 2012, this eclectic shop is run by couple Peter and Scarlett Magnotta who specialize in finding mid-century modern furniture and decorative items to feature. Adverts Vintage & Modern you’ll find nearly any furniture piece you’re in search of and various pieces of art and décor, too, all with a mid-century modern focus. The Magnottas also feature current inventory online and in an eBay shop, so you can peruse what’s new whenever you like.

Brooklyn Reclamation, 676 Driggs Ave., Williamsburg
Brooklyn has no shortage of vintage and antique shops, but perhaps one of the best in the borough is this family-owned and family-operated business striving to provide unique yet affordable pieces. Brooklyn Reclamation is the perfect place to find quality antique pieces without the steep price tag. In addition, this shop is home to many smaller items like glassware and statement pieces. Looking for something custom? They do that, too! The shop offers a selection of pieces made from reclaimed materials.

Whether you’re looking for a globe to display all your worldly travels or a reclaimed bowling alley coffee table, there’s bound to be a shop in this wonderful borough to satisfy your search. With just a few stops, your luxury Brooklyn apartment will look like it was professionally curated.