Designing Your Brooklyn Apartment

Designing your Brooklyn apartment can be both exciting and challenging. It’s fun to put your own spin on your home but renters are somewhat limited in their ability to completely change their apartment, and space, roommates and money can also pose challenges to creativity.
January 15, 2019

Redesigning Your Apartment

While your 363 Bond Street apartment comes with incredible canal views, brightly colored living spaces and other luxury touches, eventually residents may get the itch to redecorate a bit. Temporary walls can be a very cost-effective and practical strategy for creating a new feel in your apartment, while still respecting roommates’ privacy and preferences.

So just how do you go about making a temporary wall? One popular way is called a bookshelf wall. Sold at most home-repair stores and online retailers, bookshelf walls enable renters to divide a room with an array of designs that also offer ample shelf space. Bookshelf walls are a popular option with New Yorkers, who are practiced at making the most of their space.

Partial walls are another option. Designing your Brooklyn apartment with a partial wall can not only create a new space but also an entirely new feel and enhanced privacy. Installed easily without screws or nails, partial walls feature an approximately one-foot gap at the top and a space for a door, though without a full closing door attached. This is a simple and quick fix for renters looking to renovate and create a new room without investing much money or elbow grease.

Pressurized walls provide full floor-to-ceiling privacy. They look and feel just like a regular wall but can be installed without any nails or screws, and can easily be dismantled when it’s time to move.

If you’re thinking about new ways of designing your Brooklyn apartment, consider the pros and cons of all of the types of temporary walls. Research the costs, different installation methods and, of course, talk to your roommates to get their take on giving your living space a new look and feel. Then, get to work!