Apartments with A Pool In NYC

Life is messy, even at its best. After a long day, it's a comfort to know you have the opportunity to unwind in a pool right at home. Sometimes, it feels like you have to schedule relaxation time, which can sometimes defeat the purpose. Whether you want to take a quick dip or take your sweet time, enjoying the water while living at an NYC apartment with a private pool won't take all day or require you to plan a week in advance. Start the day or end the day with a trip up to the roof. The scenery is spectacular, the water is clean and crisp, and in no time you'll feel the day's tension float away.
August 15, 2020

NYC Apartment with A Rooftop Pool

Whether you’ve been working hard or hardly working, nothing feels quite as refreshing as a cool dip in a clean swimming pool. The perfect way to beat the heat or relax after a stressful day, swimming is one of the best low-impact exercises. When combined with a unique skyline backdrop, the rooftop pool at 363 Bond Street is an amenity that’s not easy to come by in a luxury NYC apartment. Novelty is certainly not the only benefit of having an NYC apartment pool, however.


Get Yourself Outdoors

New York City life in 2020 can still be exciting and enriching during Covid-19, but the body, mind, and soul need the opportunity to get outside sometimes – and that walk to and from the market or in between subway stations don’t count. NYC has some beautiful parks and gardens, but there’s not always time for that. At 363 Bond Street, you just head up to the rooftop for a breathtaking view, a colorful Tristan Eaton art mural, and a spacious sundeck where you can rest in between laps.


Get your Body Moving

It’s no secret that swimming is an excellent exercise. You don’t have to be a champion swimmer to reap the benefits of a few laps or some simple water aerobics. If you’re suffering an injury or suffer from joint pain, swimming is the perfect way to get that workout in while giving your body a therapeutic experience. It’s also no secret that the gym environment can get stuffy and boring. So whether you require a low-impact exercise regimen or you simply want to jazz up your routine, utilizing the NYC rooftop pool is a must.


Get Your Relaxation On

The cardiovascular benefits provide their own health benefits, and when combined with the feeling of the outdoors, the incredible skyline view, the mural, and the sheer convenience, swimming at the pool here at 363 Bond Street offers a full mind-body experience. If you like the sound of a luxury NYC apartment with a rooftop pool, contact today to schedule a tour!