5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Gowanus Apartment for the New Year

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “New year, new me,” before. As the year’s end quickly approaches, you’re likely to hear it pop up in conversation even more, as people begin to contemplate that annual tradition that is the New Year’s resolution. The age-old practice, in which countless millions pledge to make at least one big change for the better after the start of the year, is often met with skepticism since so many seem to fall off the wagon after the first couple of weeks. But, there’s one change you can bring to your life that is sure to stick, no matter what time of year it is, and that is the decision to spruce up your Gowanus apartment.

January 6, 2020

The best part about moving into one of the apartments at 363 Bond is that, right out the gate, you’re starting off with a clean, modern space that, while stunning on its own, is the perfect canvas to easily be transformed into something that reflects your own personality. Here, some of our tips for making the place your own.


Paint the walls.

This costs very little, though it does require some time and elbow grease. But allows you to completely transform a living space and make it into your own. Whether you want soft, subtle colors that encourage a Zen vibe at home, or you want bright pops of colors that showcase your exuberant personality, there are endless possibilities to express yourself.


Throw down some rugs.

Area rugs are another quick fix that can change the look of the room. Best of all, if you’re the type that likes expressive colors on the walls, these can really help you tie two rooms together and help all those colors make more sense.


Re-make your bed.

For a quick and easy way to transform your bedroom, just swap out your comforter set. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the vibe changes with such a seemingly minor tweak. If you’re absolutely in love with your current comforter, try introducing a pop of color with some new sheets. Even that can make all the difference.


Move things.

The most cost-effective way, however, to give your home an entirely new look, is to just take what you have and put it somewhere else. Rearranging furniture can completely alter the vibe of your apartment, breathing new life into it and almost making you feel like you’re in an entirely new place.

So go on and spruce up your Gowanus apartment. This is your home and you’ll be most comfortable when you truly make it yours. And at Bond 363, we’re happiest when you feel at home.